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The largest mailing house between Cleveland/Akron and Pittsburgh. Our plant is fully equipped to process low to high volumes of mail quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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“The quality of Postal Mail-Sort's products and services meet and even exceed my expectations and requirements.”

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Postal Mail-Sort Ltd. provides an extensive range of services to process your First-Class Periodical and Standard Mail® on time.
  • Multiline Optical Character Reading (MLOCR and manual encoders) equipment with the capability to apply 11-digit barcode whether the Zip+4® is present or not. This means faster, more consistent delivery on your First-Class Mail® with less cost to you.
  • Manual sort of rejected mail off the MLOCR and encoder equipment to qualify for pre-sort discount rates.
  • Mail room management to handle customersí outgoing mail.
  • Next day air service with UPS, Federal Express and Express Mail.
  • Automated postal discounts.
In addition, we offer a variety of direct mail services, such as postal addressing, ink jetting, inserting, folding, automatic affixing of labels, sorting, mailing lists and much more. Visit our Services page to learn more about how we can help you reduce your direct mail costs and increase your response rates.

At Postal Mail-Sort, we pride ourselves in staying current with the latest technology and mailing regulations so that our customers donít have to. We will manage your data and mailings with full USPS compliance and maintain your ongoing mailing lists.

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